Belletresse - probably the best hair care products in the world



Our vision is to replace the industrial look of plain cylinder and tube-shaped bottles with fashion-forward bottles which have patented designs. Belletresse bottles fit on the sink countertop, shower or bathtub ledge. The art deco shoe-shaped bottle design and quilted handbag-shaped bottle with a faux gold chain handle integrate the glamour of the runway or a favorite boutique with alluring racks of designer shoes and shelves filled with this season’s handbags--turning the bath area into a spa-like environment. Belletresse luxurious formulas are meticulously designed and tested to give you results: beautiful, manageable hair.

Our Philosophy

To launch an innovative, designed line of beauty products merging fashion with beauty in visually interesting and custom designed shapes, such as an art deco stiletto shoe and a quilted handbag with a unique handle, in colors that bring the runway or boutique to the salon and spa, and ultimately to the client's home.

The ingredients in these unique bottles will be carefully planned to achieve beautiful, manageable hair. Hundreds of hours will be invested into research, testing, formulating and evaluating factors such as: Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Review (CIR) panel concluded safe; Environmental Working Group (EWG) ingredient safety rating; the highest quality ingredients such as Jojoba Oil and the proper percentage of those ingredients for optimal performance; exclusion of irritating, harsh, drying and allergy-reactive ingredients; not animal derived (vegan) and natural ingredients preferred (i.e. Sea Salt not Sodium Chloride - Table Salt), unless product performance is impacted.  No animal testing.   No dyes in  hair  care  products.

Engineering, Manufacturing, Printing, Labeling, Graphics and other related skills will support and create jobs in the USA to the fullest extent possible. Each purchase is made to support USA businesses first.   For example, our custom bottles are made by Dahl-Tech and the labels are produced by Label Products, both here in Minnesota.

A commitment to quality and to our clients is expected to be shared by Belletresse manufacturers and suppliers.  Our retailers and customers will be treated like royalty to earn their loyalty. We will listen to our retailers, and their customers as we will work together to build customer loyalty and grow our businesses.